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Design Thinking Comes of Age


Harvard Business School Press


Design thinking isn’t new. But what used to be a popular concept in product development is now getting used to think about strategy. And many companies still aren’t sure how "design" may improve their business. In the September issue of HBR, a series of 4 articles walks us through concepts and applications.

Sept, 2015

Engineering Reverse Innovations



Harvard Business School Press


An article from Vijay Govindarajan about reverse innovation --or how to overcome the constraints of emerging markets. Reverse innovation is a process whereby inexpensive products developed to meet the needs of emerging countries are then repackaged as low-cost innovations for developed countries.

August, 2015

Internet Makes You Think You’re Smarter 



Harvard Business School Press


Full title: The Internet Makes You Think You’re Smarter Than You Are; an interview with Matthew Fisher, which provides a concise summary of his thesis.

August, 2015

Changing an Organization’s Culture


Harvard Business School Press


Full title: Changing an Organization’s Culture, Without Resistance or Blame
This article presents a four-phase approach: 1. awareness, 2. learning, 3. practice, 4. accountability to handle one of the biggest challenges a company can face: changing people’s behavior, and hence the organization's culture.

July, 2015

Your Strategy Needs a Strategy


Harvard Business School Press


In this book, BCG's partners articulate existing strategy approaches into 5 categories: be big, fast, first, orchestrator, or simply viable...

June, 2015

Thriving in an Increasingly Digital Ecosystem



MIT Sloan Management Review


The authors review 4 business models and propose that companies need to consider which of these 4 models they want to adopt to prepare for a future of digital disruption. They evaluate threats and opportunities and emerging 

business options of the upcoming digital ecosystems.

June, 2015

Why Today’s Teens Are More Entrepreneurial than Their Parents





Harvard Business Review (blog)


Whitney Johnson discussed the factors behind the shifting working spirit of new generations.

May, 2015

Reinventing Performance Management


Harvard Business Review


How one company is rethinking peer feedback and the annual review, and trying to design a system to fuel improvement.

April, 2015

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