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High Tech and Telecom



Hardwares (servers, PCs, semiconductors, communication equipment), softwares (algorithms and IT services), internet (search engines, portals)




Direct carrier-owned brick-and-mortar/online stores, and indirect retailer-owned brick-and-mortar/online stores




Consumers, B2B, retail outlets, government




High competition and large multinational corporations, leading to coexistence, i.e. collaborative ecosystem between competitors


Key Trends


(1) High consolidation through M&A;

(2) Co-existence fostering one-stop-shop value propositions;

(3) Cloud computing offers increasing possibility for business customers to outsource their IT operations;

(4) Spectacular growth of the mobile phone penetration over the past 20 years, expected to reach 80% globally by 2020




Softwares: license/maintenance model, subscription service model; Internet: revenue per click; Telecom/mobile: Advertising, subscriptions, data services, app. stores




Fixed: R&D, Equipment, staff utilization, overhead, infrastructure (e.g. cell towers, network maintenance, stores), Variable: marketing, salaries







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