Resources Platform for Management Consultants

Energy and Utilities



Production and supply of energy/utilities, notably exploration, development,

and operation of oil and gas fields








Petroleum refineries, petrochemical companies, natural gas distributors, electricity generators




Price is the basis for competition, but because this market is both commoditized and volatile, control of distribution based on long term sales contracts is essential to competition


Key Trends


(1) Volatile gains due to occasional shortfalls and regulatory frameworks;

(2) Increase in trade-based international exchange, which in 2014 reached 50% of oil consumption in the US;

(3) Advanced economies represent the majority of the market, but BRIC nations drive growth;

(4) Africa and Middle East represent 1/3 of the market;

(5) On-going M&A activities

(6) Increasing competition from alternative sources (wind power, coal, corn-based oil substitutes, etc)




Revenue is driven by long term contracts, ability to find new resource deposits, and compliance with regulatory frameworks




Price of raw material, equipment, marketing







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