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The Client-Consultant Relationship

Process Consultation

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Process consultation revisited: Building the helping relationship,


Schein EH


The Reflective Practitioner

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Basic Books

The reflective practitioner. How professionals think in action,


Schon D

Consultancy as the Management of Impressions

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Managing consultants: Consultancy as the management of impressions,


Clark T

Management Consultancy: a Handbook 

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Management consultancy: a handbook for best practice,


Mulligan J, Barber P

Classics of Organization Theory

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Cengage Learning

Classics of organization theory (chapter 5)


Shafritz J, Ott J, Jang Y


Chapter 5 is an excellent review of how system theory applies to corporate organizations and in which respects consultants can most fairly be perceived as outsiders at the start of a project



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