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Strategic planning

One definition of strategic planning is the determination of an organization’s objectives together with a comprehensive set of actions and resources that are required to meet these objectives. Strategic planning is process that assists executive managers in their resource allocation and decision-making.



  1. Articulate the client’s mission, vision, values 
  2. Identify and evaluate the potential of the client’s targeted customer segments  
  3. Explore threats and opportunities from a customers perspective 
  4. Benchmark competitors 
  5. Define the client’s strengths and weaknesses relative to competitors for each customer segment 
  6. Develop a business model that will offer differentiation or cost advantage relative to competitors  
  7. Articulate clear milestones and objectives that relate the proposed strategy to the client’s mission, vision, values 
  8. Describe a set of programs organizational structures, guidelines/policies, information sharing systems, control systems, training systems, that will permit to implement the proposed strategy 
  9. Identify, evaluate, and present alternative strategies (see scenario planning below)